Thursday, November 21, 2019

Controversy within Human Resources Research Paper

Controversy within Human Resources - Research Paper Example This essay paper seeks to explore controversial behavior of one human resource manager of a U.S company that sought anonymity to avoid court cases on the ground of defamation (Bach p120). However, not all people disagree with the way he discharges since some professionals believe that he is impartial in his work. Hiring of staff It is the mandate of any human resource department to get new employees for a company. Hiring is due to needs that have risen in operations or gaps that need to be filled either due to resignations, quitting from job, dismissal, promotion and staff getting new jobs in other companies among other reasons. Firing comes in when management cracks the whip on certain undisciplined personnel or unproductive staff. However, this is not implemented with immediate effect but is preceded by series of warnings that are on record. It is done when a company can’t tolerate a certain employee anymore, and the only option remaining to explore is firing. In the company under scrutiny here, the human resource manager is charged with putting job adverts across, conduct interviews and confirms hiring of any new staff after the process is duly followed (Price p29). Though every job advert put across says that this company is an equal employer and discourages canvassing, this seems to be done differently. An important point to put across here is that the manager in question is a black American and is known to act in favor of management to avoid being reprimanded. Hiring policies in this company have been drafted to favor the company whereby he prefers to hire female employees even though a certain job is more inclined to the masculine gender as opposed to the feminine gender. Not all female applicants go through the full process of hiring since some canvass on the way by the manner of sexual favors to this human resource manager. This is, however, not for applicants who are American citizens since American citizens usually get first priority in any jo b advert regardless of qualifications. No enough reasons can explain why this is done this way yet management does not raise an alarm over his conduct causing employees to conclude that management as well has racial discrimination. Firing of staff Firing, on the other hand, is done in an awkward manner since no due process is put in place to show an employee why he got fired. The policies that this human resource manager found in place were said to be aged and thus the need for change. The change that followed was not practical since many clauses, which sought to strike a balance between Americans and non-Americans were phased out. This was done to make it difficult for non-Americans to get hired in this company and this has happened at the reign of this human resource manager. Several staffs who are not U.S citizens have been fired under undue grounds cited by human resource manager. Staffs are also required to carry with them their national identity cards to show their nationality and make it easier for human resource to do his duty ‘well’. This has led to total controversy and staff unrest and some American staff have even gone ahead and expressed dissatisfaction on the conduct of this human resource manager. Some of the Americans who have complained against his conduct are furnished with strict warnings though they have continued to show solidarity with

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