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Why does John reject the civilization represented in Brave New World Research Paper Example

Why does John reject the civilization represented in Brave New World Research Paper Example Why does John reject the civilization represented in Brave New World Paper Why does John reject the civilization represented in Brave New World Paper Essay Topic: Back in the World Stories Brave New World Literature John comes from an Indian reservation in New Mexico, and goes to the Brave New world with Bernard Marx who was about to be sent away from there because he was different. Bernard and Lenina brought John because they knew that John was the son of the Director of Hatcheries and Conditioning with Linda. This would humiliate the Directory because having viviparous babies in the Brave New World was seen as disgusting, and no one would ever imagine that the director could have had one himself. John was not accepted in the savage reservation because his mother slept with many men, this was seen as an absurd, but in the Brave New World it was not, Every one belongs to everyone else; having sex with many different people was a moral duty. John was fascinated by the prospect of going to the Brave New World because his mother told him that in the Brave New World people never had problems, because even if they had they would take a drug called Soma, which would make them take a holiday from reality and forget all about them. He was also told about how people travelled by helicopter and he thought that they could really fly. He learned how to read and right superficially, how everything is clean and that no one marries, that there are no nasty smells, that there were boxes where you could see and hear what was happening at the other side of the world and that babies were born in lovely clean bottles He thought that The Other Place was a perfect world, The happiest times were when she told him about the Other Place, such as in Shakespeares stories, which he had read and loved. Unfortunately John had too many high expectations, which were all let down. John had heard so much about the Brave New World, that he was unimpressed when he was taken the Charing T tower and saw the weather department captive balloon. He found it nice, Still, Ariel could put a girdle around the earth in forty minutes, but nothing compared to the greater things he had read about which were done in plays. One of the reasons why John rejected the Brave New World was because of his background. John came from two different places, one of which his mother creates for him; where there are civilized people and modern technology; and the world of the savages where he is considered an outcast and she a whore. John rejects the simplicity of the Brave New World, because things were not as in the Shakespeares stories which he had read, they were much easier. He thinks that without suffering there can be no triumph and with out going through the pain and hardship of a task there can be no proper taste of conquering. John did not like that everything in the Brave New World was not expensive enough, and that everything is conveyed easily for them. He hated the fact that the people valued nothing such as in the Shakespeares stories. John finds the people of the civilized world ridiculous because of the easy way of their life, and despises the fact that they take the drug soma and do not notice that the world has enslaved them all, that horrible film it was ignoble; this is why when he goes to the feelies with Lenina, he hates it and returns home. Huxley makes apparent in his writing that the civilized world is a failure and a disgrace to all man kind. He shows us this by his choice of vocabulary to describe some adults playing a foolish game, and uses the word maggots to explain his views, The green was maggoty with fore-shortened life. He could have used any other word such as an ant, but he does not, because he wants us to think the Brave New World is a bad place. Maggots are revolting creatures that feed on rotting flesh and turn into flies. It was obvious that John was different to the people of the civilized world, Im claiming the right to be happy, people started to make fun of his way of being, so he escapes to a lighthouse. People want him to whip them. He tries to make them go away but it becomes an orgy porgy, which he joins in. He was so disgusted by what the Brave New World did to him that he consequently hanged himself.

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